British doctors move to end their opposition to assisted dying
Arguments erupt over voting procedures as Royal College of Physicians changes stance on euthanasia

Britain’s Ahmadis under fire in battle for the soul of Islam
Followers of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad preach peace and tolerance, but many mainstream Muslims regard them as heretics

Archbishop of Canterbury’s envoy who disputes the resurrection of Christ urged to quit Vatican post
Senior Anglicans express indignation over controversial views of ambassador personally appointed by Justin Welby

Jesus would like to connect with you on LinkedIn! Inside the Church of England’s digital conversion
From Instagram to Alexa, the new digital evangelists are using technology to spread the word of God. But is anyone listening?

Bill to give medical staff right to refuse role in abortions condemned
The bill would expand rights of conscientious objection for healthcare professionals

‘Do you want a badge for doing your laundry?’
Man with Down’s Syndrome experiences highs and lows of social media after chronicling life on popular Twitter page

Justin Welby accused of bowing to homophobia after banning gay bishop’s husband from church summit
Canadian bishop unable to bring husband to once-a-decade gathering after ferocious backlash from conservative African Anglicans

British Jews trace Iberian heritage EU citizenship
Who might help Remainers keep EU passports? Nobody expected the Spanish Inquisition

‘Chiune Sugihara saved 10 times more people than Oskar Schindler’
The daughter of a man saved by the ‘Japanese Schindler’ is making a film about both men

Soul Survivor: Festival that gave the church more oomph takes down its big top
A crucible for some of today’s most dynamic faith leaders, has played its final praise song. It leaves a strong legacy

How Number 10 opened its door to evangelicals
Government attitudes towards Christians have shifted dramatically over the past decade

Alexa, who is God? A new app aims to win over agnostics
The Church of England hopes to get more people hearing voices

What might Michael Curry’s barnstorming Royal Wedding sermon mean for religion in Britain?
Radio discussion with Dan Wootton and Dr Linda Papadopoulos

Alternative Anglican church looms large in the shadows
Arch-traditionalists are preparing to break away if the Church of England goes ‘too far’ down the road of modernisation

Charlie Gard’s parents say their ‘beautiful boy’ has died
The baby whose fate was the subject of a protracted court battle and made headlines around the world died shortly after his parents abandoned their legal action

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